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Building a people-centered culture requires an understanding and commitment to Diversity and Inclusion. Explore how an inclusive workplace leads to business success.

The Bottom Line: Diversity and Inclusion

Studies continue to show Diversity and Inclusion have a direct impact on worker retention and company profits.  See how an inclusive workplace culture drives success.

Unconscious/Implicit Bias

Unconscious or Implicit Bias is prejudices we are not aware of…but impact every aspect of our business operations.   Discover what researchers are learning about how they are influencing daily workplace behavior.

Navigate the Workspace

Do you have questions about whether you are experiencing discrimination?  Find out more about Navigating the Workspace.

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Our collective and universal thoughts are with all individuals throughout the world during these very reflective times. While impacted differently, everyone is affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) in some way. During these times, CP3 Paradigm remains steadfast and committed to helping interested individuals and organizations understand and address systemic inequities that create barriers to true inclusion. The journey of inclusion begins with each of us because each of us has a story to tell. Be well!