Who We Are

We are paradigm shifters, a team committed to being champions for workplaces where employees experience collaboration over competition, purpose over profits, communication over conformity and are valued as key contributors to the organization’s success. We have spent our careers developing practices and policies that create trust, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Our collective expertise ranges from change management to human resources to diversity and inclusion to employment law.

Our combined backgrounds give us experiences we leverage to create our unique and integrative models for building people-centered cultures that dramatically improve the bottom line. We are convinced that valuing people is the key to success. We are passionate about helping companies grow by honoring the skills and voices of their employees.


Having more than 20 years of experience in learning strategy and systems thinking, she has a proven impact across all systems internal to an organization. She holds certifications in Project Management, Organizational Development & Change Operational Excellence; she has led Fortune 500 companies and non-profits through change management projects requiring collaboration across multiple functions. She brings a blended skill set that ranges from conducting upfront needs analysis to group facilitation to implementing designed solutions.


A practicing attorney with 15 years of experience in employment law and workers’ rights cases. She sits on various professional and community boards and is a founding member of the North Carolina Civil Collaborative Law Association. Her corporate, legal and entrepreneurial background give her a unique ability to advise companies while also being an employee advocate. Her approach allows companies and employees to receive the strategic benefits of supporting workplace rights.

Through her experience as an employee rights lawyer and collaborative law training, she decided to turn her focus to changing the paradigm for more inclusive workplaces. Subsequently, she co-founded and launched CP3 Paradigm, LLC, which is dedicated to changing the paradigm by transforming workplace cultures using integrative models. She is a published author and speaker on employment law and workplace culture topics including implicit bias and the neuroscience behind behaviors in the workplace.


An expert in organizational psychology, psychodynamics and relationship building; specializes in improving business processes and organizational effectiveness by using psychodynamics and systems theory to improve workplace relationships; expertise in psychotherapy and organizational leadership allows for the development of training methods that build holistic and inclusive workplaces. She is a proud army veteran and the author of several books on relationship building.


Has more than 20 years of management and leadership experience, 15 of those years focused exclusively on diversity and inclusion. Her clients include US and Global Fortune 500 Companies. She is a leader in the train-the-trainer methodology and has designed customized diversity and inclusion programs for a variety of training teams.


A co-founder of CP3 Paradigm, she is a former practicing attorney and corporate human resources director. She has more than 20 years of experience training managers and employees to create inclusive workplaces in both small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. She has conducted hundreds of workplace complaint investigations and has provided expert testimony for human resources and employment law cases.


Brings more than 17 years of legal and financial industry experience to the CP3 team. She has a Juris Doctorate Degree and expertise in compliance, operations, legal, audit and risk. Projects and competencies include developing procedures and standards, assessing policies, implementing change management, assessing systems and strategies, providing guidance, conducting reviews, monitoring metrics, assessing operational risk and regulatory agency consultation.


Assists the CP3 team as a strategic partner for special assignments. A recognized expert in the field of human resources. She has extensive experience in employee relations, benefits and recruitment. She has led multiple company-wide training initiatives for one of the largest insurance companies in the United States and is known for changing workplace practices and behavior through employee engagement. She has worked with city governments and elected officials and managed and directed board development initiatives for non-profit organizations.


Assists the CP3 team as a strategic partner for special assignments. Her experience includes organizational project implementation, management and diversity and inclusion leadership. She has developed and implemented diversity and inclusion strategies for major US corporations and is especially proud of implementing a local company’s first diversity and inclusion strategy in its 145-year history.


An expert in organizational communications, public relations and group facilitation. She has strong adult learning, presentation and interpersonal skills, uniquely conducting focus groups, group training, facilitation, workplace investigations and mediation. Her certifications include Learning Performance, DDI, Emergenetics, Federal Workplace Mediation and several EEOC certifications. She has a B.A. in Journalism and Public Relations and an MA in Organizational Communication.