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C3 + P3 = CP3

Changing Paradigms One at a Time

 Changing a workplace culture requires more than creating a new vision, mission or set of processes. It requires a fundamental shift in the way employees, managers and executive leadership think, talk, and act daily. Taking consistent and integrative steps to intentionally create that shift resulting in a new paradigm, but paradoxically the paradigm that dictates the workplace culture is largely invisible, much like water to the fish.

A paradigm is a mix of thought patterns, theories, concepts and methodologies that formulate the manner by which actions are taken. These actions then begin to define how things are done. Then, how things are done becomes integrated into processes, theories, documents and so forth, which then become the context for the culture. A consequence of the culture are statements like, “this is just the way things are done here”, or “that’s just how he or she is.”  The result is mostly unquestioned and in the background, and acts to limit an organization’s ability to reach peak performance.  At best, a limiting paradigm can stifle employee creativity, lead to disengagement, increased costs, decreased production and high turnover rates.  At worst, it creates mistrust and environments that often lead to formal complaints of discrimination, harassment and lawsuits.

Instead of looking for the solution, CP3 Paradigm focuses on eliminating the problem. CP3 Paradigm’s unique offerings make the invisible become visible, guiding organizations in creating a new paradigm that significantly increases employee engagement, performance and company profits. Our innovative and unique organizational change models and customized strategies offer opportunities for organizations to meet their objectives, which often include employee and employer alignment significantly increasing employee productivity and employee passion for their work and the organization.